Indiana Board of Rabbis

(Indiana Board of Rabbis, December 12, 2016)15392845_1129495793829781_3944760787324098424_o

As we move out of an election that has been contentious and disturbingly divisive, the clergy of Indianapolis are united in condemning the hateful rhetoric that was let loose during the campaign. We are all managing the pain of some in our congregations, while supporting those celebrating the victory of President-Elect Trump. We can all agree that we must stand for tolerance, love and for the preservation and protection of the diversity that is the hall mark of our country.

There is work to be done in order to heal our nation. We are not naive or bright eyed on that truth. We also think there are, in the short term, meaningful acts that will signal hope and connection across faiths. We thought this simple project would spread a message or peace, hope and tolerance as we welcome in 2017.

We gather as diverse group of clergy – Christian, Muslim, and Jewish in support of “Forward Together Toward A Year Of Light” sponsored by The Wexner Foundation, 92nd Street Y, and Partnership of Faith in New York City. We are neighbors standing for common purpose.